Service #1

Our standard service includes:

  • ACT/SAT evaluation - Assessment to determine whether the SAT or the ACT is the best test to prep for testGear.

  • Review of family information for accuracy

  • Obtain Federal Student Aid usernames and passwords: Used to sign the FAFSA and access all the Dept. of Education web sites

  • College Aid Requirements: Colleges use different forms and have varying financial aid deadlines.

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 We help students and parents navigate the college funding process through our comprehensive services: 

  • Strategies that increases financial aid 

BENEFIT:  Customize college funding plans that identify strategies that  can be implemented based on your families  financial circumstances.

  • Maximize your financial aid and minimize your out of pocket college costs. 

BENEFITS:  This strategy gives an understanding of how financial aid works and may save you thousands of dollars on  college costs.

  • Strategies for maximizing education tax credits

BENEFIT: Tax credits help reduce the cost of college. Every tax dollar saved is like a “scholarship dollar” .

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Service #2

Our premiere service includes;

  • Planning and Funding Strategies

• Strategies for high income earners

• Strategies for business owners

• Strategies for grandparents

• Trust planning strategies

• Estate planning strategies

• Gifting strategies - for parents and 


Ask us about our college tuition finder software. Know your price before filing. 

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