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Since 2008, Simple College Solutions, SCS has been recognized as a leader in assisting students and their parents prepare for college. Headquartered locally in Far Rockaway, New York, SCS is headed by consulting and financial expert Tyrone Worsley.

We understand the stressful task that high school students are facing when it comes to making that important transition from high school to college.  We understand the concerns parents face's when it comes to funding their student's college education

SCS uses years of hands on experience, our designed software, and proven admission & funding strategies in helping to make the student's entire college experience more rewarding and often times easier on the budget.  

Mission Statement –

 At Simple College Solutions, we are dedicated in helping  parents and students navigate the college financial aid process towards attending college.

 Our goal is to help families save ON college as well as saving for college.

Company policies – 

As college tuition increases from 2-5 percent on an annual basis, we at SCS is dedicated in educating families on the cost of attendance and to keep them abreast of all new changes that may affect their students education. 

Whether high income or low income we are poised in helping those families to achieve the best education possible for their students. 

Executive profiles – 

Tyrone Worsley is the Founder and CEO of Simple College Solutions Inc. He has twenty years of financial services and ten as founder of SCS. He attended Central Piedmont College in Charlotte NC.

As a parent of four children, he certainly understand the concerns what families faces when it comes to college selection, admissions, and funding.  

The entire process has become much more than simply completing a couple of applications during the student’s high school senior year. In addition to the obvious "what to study," "where to study," and "how to pay for it," the two biggest questions seem to be:

When do we start?  

Students are competing for admission spots and funding dollars as early as the 9th and 10th grade.  Tyrone say give yourself an advantage by starting early ... the earlier, the better!

Where do we turn for answers?  

We are sure you will agree that there is simply no substitute for hands-on experience, especially when it comes to a process so complex. 

Over the years, Tyrone has worked with hundreds of families, that are looking for the perfect school and to maximum its funding. Maybe Tyrone can help with your research, understanding the college process, and funding. 


A company is only as strong as its  leadership. give Tyrone a call and ask about our "Free One Hour Consultation".

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Our assessment process is designed  to empower your student and outfit them with the tools they need to attend their college of choice. Talk to us today about how we can assist your family, and increase funding.

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